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Season Selling Ideas
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Valentine's Day Girlfriend Gift Certificate
Valentine's Day $10 Gift Certificate/Coupon
The I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U Valentine's Basket, thank you Amy Henderson
2010 Holiday Gift Portfolio
Valentine's Day 2010 Premium Gift Package, thank you Anita Kaplan
Valentine's Day 2010 Ultimate Gift Package, thank you Anita Kaplan
Trick or Treat
Halloween Trick or Treat Bag
Halloween Ghost Envelope
Halloween Ideas
Halloween Free Mascara
Santa's Elf List
Pillow Gift Poem
Pillow Gift Instructions
Darcy Santa Wish List
Razzle Dazzle Party Invites
12 Reasons to Begin a Mary Kay Business During the Holidays
Holiday Wish List
Administrative Professional Week Gift Ideas
Administrative Professional's Day Letter
12 Reasons to Begin a Mary Kay Business During the Holidays
Personal November/December Strategy, thank you Marilyn Schmucker
Family Gift Roll-Up Bag, thank you Lori Steiger
Join Us Today
MK's Holiday Pilot Program
Could you use and Extra $1500 for the Holidays
10 Reasons to Begin Your Mary Kay Career during the Holiday Selling Season
Holiday Collection Preview Flier, thank you Amanda Gunderson (don't forget to change Amanda's contact information to your own)
Fall 2008 New Products
Fall 2008 New Products and Hostess Gifts
2008 Holiday Action Sheet
2008 Holiday Gift Guide
2008 Valentine's Day Flier
Mother's Day Gift Package Flyer
Valentine's Day I Love You Basket - Thank You Amy Henderson!
Halloween Specials and Marketing Ideas
Halloween postcards to hand out to trick or treater MOMS.
Administrative Professional's Day Idea - Postcard
Administrative Professional's Day Idea - Gift Certificate
Administrative Professional's Day Idea - Note
Basket Ideas for Mothers Day
Secretarys Day Poem
Happy Mothers Day Poem
Mary Kay Super Bowl Sale

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