It has been a while since I have posted an update about Lisa because the news has been all good, praise God. That and the fact that she is feeling really good and getting back to her old self, which means I am running around like crazy trying to keep up with her. There is also another issue in my family concerning my mother that has come up recently, but you will have to read down this long post to find out more.

Lisa finished her chemotherapy treatments in early December and has been regaining strength ever since then. She is now feeling really strong with great energy levels, renewed physical strength and a great attitude. From the early stages following Lisa’s diagnosis, she and I have both had a great peace about her cancer that I can only attribute to God. We felt strongly that she was going to be healed completely and are now more convinced than ever that she is healed.

The next step in Lisa’s journey is a PET scan the doctors will use to see if there is any cancer activity or tumor left. This will be done this Thursday, January 26th, so please pray for Lisa specifically on that day that the PET scan would show no cancer activity or any signs of a tumor.

The following week Lisa will be going in to the hospital on Thursday, February 2nd, to have her port removed. The port is a device they surgically implanted under Lisa’s skin to allow easy IV access to her blood system. This is going to be outpatient surgery so Lisa should only be in the hospital for a few hours. Please pray that the surgery would go smoothly with no complications and that she would be released quickly.

Now to my mother, Virginia. She has been experiencing some breathing/coughing issues since sometime back in November. They were so bad at one point that she was admitted to the hospital for a few days to receive treatments. During this hospital stay they also did a CAT scan of her lungs to try and diagnose what could be causing her breathing issues. They discovered that her lungs were inflamed, possibly from a virus, but also discovered a mass near her thymus gland. I am certain this was God’s grace leading the doctors to the discovery of this mass.

Fast forward to the end of December when my mother was admitted to M.D. Anderson hospital in Houston for a biopsy. The results of this showed that she had a cancerous mass the doctors called a thymoma. Fortunately the mass was very small and she is not going to require radiation or chemotherapy, but it is going to have to be surgically removed. This is a fairly invasive procedure because the mass is very close to the heart. They expect my mother to be in the hospital for 5 to 7 days, with an extended recovery at home afterwards. Please pray that the surgery would go well, the tumor would be completely removed, her recovery would be quick and easy and that she would be cancer free after the surgery requiring no chemotherapy or radiation. My mom and dad, along with countless others, have been a great support to Lisa and me during Lisa’s treatment so I would appreciate your prayers for my mom.

Many people have written notes or shared with me that they enjoyed my updates concerning Lisa and her illness and recovery. To that I say thank you, thank you for your kindness to our family and especially for your prayers that have so lifted Lisa, me and our family. What an amazing extended family we have.

God bless you all!

Ron Allison