Lisa got some great news today!

She had a PET scan last week to check for any cancer activity and the results were completely negative, praise God! This basically means that there was no evidence of cancer in her body. At this point we are not sure what the next step is, but we are grateful for your continuing prayers and support. Lisa will speak with her doctor later in the week to determine what happens next, but we believe that all the chemotherapy treatments are behind us. Lisa is going to have her port, a device surgically implanted to administer the chemo, removed this Thursday so please keep that minor surgery in your prayers.

We also have another praise related to my mom, Virginia. She had successful surgery this past Friday to remove her tumor. The doctors feel very confident that they removed everything and that she should be free of cancer. The surgery was pretty invasive, much like open heart surgery, but my mom is in good spirits and feeling good. She was in fact up and walking around Friday evening after the surgery. We expect her to be out of the hospital and at home sometime this week, praise God.

Please continue to pray that Lisa would get stronger, that there would be no further radiation or other cancer treatments required, that there would be no surgery required related to the cancer/tumor and that her port removal surgery this week would be easy and successful. Please pray for my mom that she would make a full and speedy recovery.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.

Ron Allison