It has been a pretty good week in our family.

My mom came home from the hospital today in good spirits, feeling pretty good, praise God. The doctors are very enthusiastic about her prognosis, believing that they removed all of the cancer and that she should recover fully. Please continue to pray for her, Virginia, that she would be free of pain and recover quickly.

Lisa is going into the hospital very early tomorrow morning to have her port removed. The port is a device that was surgically implanted under her skin around her collar bone that allowed very high doses of chemotherapy to be administered. It meant that they did not have to try and find a vein in her arm every time she went in for chemotherapy, they just put the needle into the port and administered the chemo. Tomorrow she is going to have the minor surgery to remove this device. It is minor, but we are not sure at this point how long Lisa is going to be required to be in the hospital. We believe it will be outpatient surgery, but you can never be sure.

Please pray for Lisa tomorrow that the surgery would be routine with no complications, that she would be released from the hospital early tomorrow, that she would not feel any pain and that this would be the LAST time she has to go into the hospital for any sort of activity related to her cancer. We praise God that she received a good report from her last PET scan and believe that she is CURED and through with her cancer.

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support.

Ron Allison